Wiring up a Honeypot Network – BeeSting

Having spent so much time consuming the amazing OSINT produced by researchers across the internet, I felt like it was time to give something back – BeeSting is my nickname for a honeypot network I’ve been building – the goal of the project is to provide another open-source threat intelligence feed for the community as a whole.

Check it out now at https://beesting.tools (or https://beesting.tools/json if you’re a computer).

The honeypot network is developed using a combination of open-source utilities to host simulated services, inspect received traffic and evaluate the packets. Data from all nodes is sent via syslog to a centralized receiver – processes running on this node inspect the messages, parse out and normalize data then store the events in a MongoDB backend. This backend is utilized to generate the feeds linked above on a periodic basis.

Indicators are tagged based on a variety of aspects – strings present in the alerts they generate in tools such as Snort/Suricata, ports they are sending/receiving on, specific flags in the packets, traffic generation patterns, etc. The project is relatively new soon and still rapidly evolving as I expand the event parsing capabilities and add additional honey-services feeding the network.

I’ll be writing more about this process in the future but don’t let that stop you from ingesting more intelligence right now!

Published by

Joe Avanzato

Blue Team SME | Purple Team Engineer | Red Team Hunter https://www.linkedin.com/in/joseph-avanzato/ Previously - Cyber Detection Lead for Paychex - Design, Build, Test and Tune Detection Rules, Log/Environment Visibility, Threat Hunting, etc. Computing Security M.S. - Experience with penetration testing, digital forensics, malware analysis, reverse engineering, cryptography/analysis, protocol design, application auditing and more..

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